Notes for Sunday 21 May 2023

Dear friends,

This morning, when digging some well-rotted manure from our muck heap to feed the roses, I first unearthed what I thought was a huge earth worm. Closer inspection revealed it was a smallish slow worm, probably a young one. Shortly after I came across some leathery egg shells, most likely from a grass snake. They were empty so probably last year’s but still a very exciting find. A Facebook friend remarked that I had a reptilian morning.

May I remind you that next Sunday 28/5 will be the launch of our LOAF stall, with fair trade organic biscuits with our after-service coffee to give you a flavour of what will be on sale. Most of the offerings will be both Organic and Fair Trade. There will be coffee, several teas, sugar, honey, biscuits, cocoa and more.

Lastly, please sign up for baking cakes and serving at the Military show the first weekend of July and also consider helping at the salad wrap stall at our very own Capel Show on 19 August. Both are tremendous fundraising occasions for our churches and an opportunity to be visible in the local community.

God bless,

Dineke van den Bogerd

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