Notes for Sunday 21 April 2024

Dear friends,

The apple tree did us proud this year: an abundance of flowers made me decide to sacrifice some branches for an entry in the spring show of the Capel Horticultural Society and they won the class. Unfortunately the hail storm the following day ensured the tree is now a sad sight.
We should be in for some better weather in the next week.

Gill showed me the progress of the extension of St Margaret’s last week and it’s really impressive. The new window is stunning and the position ensures that you see it on entering the church. The parish service is an excellent opportunity for Capelites to have a look.

Last but not least: it’s too late now to register to vote in the local elections early May but please bear in mind that the general election should happen later this year so if you are not registered consider doing so soon. It’s not quite 100 years ago that the right to vote became the norm so do exercise that right.

God bless,

Dineke van den Bogerd

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