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Below you will find the weekly news sheets which are handed out during our services. If you wish to receive these by email, please subscribe here.

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Weekly news sheet 02/08/2020 – Eighth Sunday after Trinity

Dear friends, Please find attached this Sunday’s readings sheet, Parish newsheet and Graham Everness’ sermon.  He has also kindly sent the service order too and I’ve attached that for anyone who is not currently attending church services. Enjoy your weekends and don’t forget copies of Inspire’s August edition are in both church porches so do help yourself to one when you’re next at church! Best wishes, Suzanne Capel-Ockley-2-August-2020.pdf Matthew-14-v13-21-newssheet.pdf Sunday-2nd-august-2020.pdf SundayBlue_August2020_1.pdf Post expires at 5:09pm on Monday August 2nd, 2021

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weekly news sheet 26/07/20

Dear all Attached are this week’s readings with the weekly news sheets and Revd. Liz’s sermon. The churches have been closed this week with the start of building work in both of them. I do hope you haven’t been too badly inconvenienced by this, the results should definitely be worth it! New lighting for Capel and a new boiler for Ockley. Both projects should finish in September. During the week the Diocese issued new guidelines on masks and are now strongly advising that face coverings should be worn in church. ‘….remembering that they are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer….’ We have altered our advice to reflect this. I look forward to seeing all those who can attend tomorrow (9.30am in Ockley or 10.30am in Capel), our thoughts and prayers are with those who are still self isolating, please do let us know if we can help in any way. This week’s picture was taken on Holmwood Hill – on a rather nicer day than today! With love Debbie von Bergen debbievonbergen@icloud.com 07774 784008 weekly-sheet-20.07.26.pdf SundayBlue20200726.pdf sermon-for-28th-June-2020-Trinity-3.pdf Post expires at 6:43am on Monday July 26th, 2021

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Weekly news sheet 19/07/2020

Dear friends, Please find attached this weekend’s sheets, script of Liz’s sermon and the readings.  I know many of you will be in church, but this hopefully will keep those that are not returning for the moment well informed and connected. Please note that our two churches are going to be closed for the weekdays starting this Monday 20th July 2020.  There are boiler works taking place at Ockley and lighting works at Capel.  All very exciting and much needed!  We should be a little warmer when worshipping at St Margaret’s this winter and be far better illuminated in St John’s in a little while!  This means there is sadly no access for private prayer apart from the weekends. If you have anything for August’s InSpire  … no matter how small or insignifcant you think it may be, please don’t be shy and let me know on editor@capelandockleychurch.org.uk or the email used to mail this to you. Your contributions to your parish magazine would be most welcome! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Best wishes, Suzanne sermon-for-19th-July-2020.pdf SundayBlue20200719.pdf Sunday-19th-July-2020.pdf Post expires at 1:34pm on Monday July 19th, 2021

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Weekly news sheet 12/07/2020

Dear Friends, I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the weekend sunshine. It’s been an interesting week hasn’t it? I’m sure like me many of you are finding the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions almost more unsettling than going into lockdown in the first place – why is that? I’m told change is always challenging, we’ve certainly had plenty of it recently. So take this Sunday to make some time for yourself, concentrate on the beauty around us, the ever present and continually changing natural world that anchors us to this beautiful planet and He who made it all. So within the change there is an ever present continuity – or to put it more bluntly, ‘life goes on’! My photo this week is of one of the sculptures on Leith Hill – do continue to send Suzanne and I your photos and comments on lockdown, the changing landscape, or just let us know how you are doing. Attached are the weekly sheets, and Revd. Liz’s sermon. Don’t forget this weeks services are 9.30 at Ockley and 10.30 Cafe church at Capel in the Crown. I look forward to seeing you there. With much love Debbie von Bergen debbievonbergen@icloud.com… Read More

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weekly news sheet 28/06/2020

Dear all I do hope you have all enjoyed the wonderful weather this week, preferably sitting on a comfortable recliner in the shade, I think we hit 33 degrees on Thursday so it definitely felt tropical! Many of you will have heard that our churches can open for services from next weekend. As you can imagine that requires us to make sure we comply with all the Covid-19 safety precautions. The Church of England and our Diocese have been issuing their requirements during this week with some details still to come, we hope to be able to hold services next Sunday 5 July. This will be confirmed later in the week with another email which will include times of services and any special conditions we need to adhere to. It will be a delight to be able to welcome everyone back to church in person, but we do understand that some people will not be able to come yet as they will still be self isolating so we will continue these weekly emails and are looking at recording the church services for you to watch online. This week’s service is available on our website: www.capelandockleychurch.org.uk/services/services-on-line/ <www.capelandockleychurch.org.uk/services/services-on-line/> The weekly sheet, the… Read More

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WEEKLY NEWS SHEET 21/06/2020 – 2nd Sunday after Trinity

Second Sunday of Trinity – 21st June 2020 Dear friends, Yet another week has gone by and we find ourselves on the weekend where we would traditionally have been holding our annual Vicarage Fete.  How disappointing it has been not to be able to enjoy a wonderful day of getting together and always in a good cause to support our local schools.  However, every event of it’s type is currently cancelled or postponed which makes us no different to anyone else.  Next year’s Fete is already pencilled in for Saturday 26th June 2021 so do pop it in your diaries if you have one!  Let’s hope we can really make it a huge success to counteract not being able to hold this year’s one!  There is a ‘virtual Fete’ video on the _Capel Annual Vicarage Fete_ Facebook page which celebrates the Fetes of the last four years.  So do take a look and enjoy some memories if you can! Please find Rev Liz’s newsheet for this Sunday attached, the blue Readings sheet and the link to our Cafe Church.  I hope you all enjoy the coming week and I’m sure some of you are now making your way into our… Read More

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weekly news sheet 14/06/2020

Dear all, I hope you have had a good week. Many of us gardeners were very pleased to see some rain as the ground has been so hard I’ve needed a pickaxe to plant anything, not ideal growing conditions! I’ve included a photo of the view from my kitchen door this morning, the roses have certainly loved the warm weather. You will see in Revd. Liz’s weekly sheet that our churches can now open for private prayer. St John’s will be open daily 10am-4pm from Monday 15 June and St Margarets every weekend 10am-4pm from Saturday 20 June. Please do follow all the normal hygiene and self distancing procedures including using hand sanitiser as you enter and leave the church. This will be provided. Rest assured both churches will be cleaned every day they are open. Debbie von Bergen debbievonbergen@icloud.com 07774 784008 Parish-newsheet-trinity-1.pdf A4BLUE14-6sunAftTrinity.pdf SHAKE-SHAKE-SHAKE.pdf Post expires at 6:29am on Monday June 14th, 2021

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weekly news sheet 07/06/20 Trinity Sunday

Dear friends, Well here we are with another week gone by in our ‘new normal’!  This Sunday we celebrate Trinity Sunday and you will find attached Rev Liz’s Parish newsheet,  the Bishop’s sermon and your regular blue Readings sheet.  I hope that everyone enjoys this week’s online service too which you can find as follows:- Watch this week’s service by visiting our website and click on ‘services’ in the top menu or select www.capelandockleychurch.org.uk/services/ services-on-line. I hope that a few (or maybe a lot?!) of you managed to enjoy a ‘shared cup of tea’ at 3pm and lit a candle in the evening to celebrate Pentecost last Sunday?  My thanks for the photos received by Philomena and please do send me any photos you may have taken at the time? I’d like to share them in the next InSpire if possible. My thanks to a couple of you who were quick to notice from InSpire that Stuart and I are now going to be stocking and trading Traidcraft products and placed an order!  We very much look forward to normal times when we can take the products to both churches to show you all. In the meantime, we placed a… Read More

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weekly news sheet 31/05/20 Pentecost

Dear Friends I hope you are well and enjoying our continued good weather, not only have we been walking every day, but today (Saturday) for the first time since lockdown started I had a take away coffee!!! It was beautifully served by the Real Coffee team who have a van set up at Tanhouse Farm, Newdigate – a great way to spend a Saturday morning walking there and back with a coffee to help us on our way – small pleasures, but I was very happy! Tanhouse farm is not open on Sundays. We had a lovely week delivering ‘bags of hope’ to some of the congregation that have been self isolating on their own for sometime. Thank you for all the appreciative comments, we loved putting it together for you. Don’t forget to join us in a cup of tea at 3pm tomorrow, even if we can’t be together we can at least all think of each other. Then as it grows dark light a candle to commemorate Pentecost and the birth of the Christian church. The bags of hope contained a bookmark made by the children of Scott Broadwood school. They all looked so lovely that we made… Read More

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Weekly news sheet 24/5/2020 – 7th Sunday of Easter

Dear friends, I hope this finds you safe and well and enjoying the continuing good weather!  We are surrounded by beauty right now, both in our gardens and in the surrounding countryside that we are lucky enough to call ‘home’. Please find attached Rev Liz’s weekly notes for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, her reflection and the reading sheet. I’m sure that many of you are getting out for walks but in case you cannot do so, I’ve attached a photo from a glorious walk in the sunshine near Leith Hill Place looking out towards the South Downs, together with some flowers that are in our garden. /If any of you would like to share photos with me for the new issue of InSpire that will be out next weekend, please do! Perhaps photos of your gardens, walks you’ve done or anything else that is making your ‘lockdown’ more bearable.  Or maybe you have a poem, prayer or something that might help others if it has given peace, comfort and hope to you?  I’d love to hear from you so that the next issue of InSpire is founded on more parishioners’ experiences of our current situation. Email: editor@capelandockleychurch.org.uk / In… Read More

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weekly news sheet 17/05/2020

Dear Friends Below is the weekly sheet for the 6th Sunday after Easter with Revd Liz’s notes. I hope you enjoy reading it, and if you have access do look at the Youtube videos made by Revd Liz and Revd Barbara the links to access them are on the sheet. The Capel Service shows Revd Liz finally back in Capel church and Claire Robins reflecting on our present circumstances. Stay well Debbie von Bergen debbievonbergen@icloud.com 07774 784008 Parish-newsheet-Easter-6th-Sunday.pdf A4BLUE17-5_6thSunEaster.pdf Post expires at 12:31pm on Monday May 17th, 2021

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Weekly news sheet 10/5/2020 – 5th Sunday of Easter

Dear friends, Please find attached the following:  Rev Liz’s weekly newsheet, the blue readings sheet for this Sunday the 5th Sunday of Easter and Bishop Jo’s reflection. Rev Liz has asked me to draw your attention to the information on the back page of the weekly sheets.  Dik has kindly set up a new church channel for online services for us.  You can either access it on YouTube direct,  but you can also access it as usual at www.capelandockleychurch.org.uk/services/services-on-line I’m sure a lot of you are like myself finding a new routine on a Sunday morning and ‘church at home’ with a coffee (and possibly a croissant!) with the Parish news sheet to hand and the option to watch Rev Liz’s reflections (or any others that she shares) online are a pleasure to receive and view.  It might not be fellowship as we know it, but I find it very personal – as if Rev Liz is talking directly to me! I hope that you have all enjoyed the beautiful weather in our seventh week of Lockdown, including a very different VE75 Day on 8th May than we all anticipated.  We now wait with interest to see what Sunday evening’s… Read More

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