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weekly news sheet 11/10/2020 – Harvest decorations

Dear friends, Please find attached the weekly sheets for this Sunday, 18th after Trinity and our Harvest festival.  Also attached is a sermon provided by the diocese for transforming generosity.  It is attached in two formats in case you prefer one to the other! I have just been in St John’s to leave the paper news sheets for Sunday and below are some photos of what greeted me!  Our wonderful team of flower arrangers has been very busy indeed and it is a sight to behold! Don’t forget to pop in and see it if you can’t make the service and you can leave any harvest donations by the altar – thank you. Also, a little reminder that the new InSpire is available at each church together with copies of the new Traidcraft Autumn/Winter brochure.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the harvest prayer below and just a few of the many photos I took of the decorations in church just now! With my best wishes and prayers, Suzanne Suzanne Cole 07923 517202 *A prayer for Harvest* We bless you, God of Seed and Harvest, And we bless each other, That the beauty of this world, And the love… Read More

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weekly news sheet 04/10/2020

Dear Friends Tomorrow is World Animal Day and so in church we will be celebrating the vast array of animals that we share the planet with. The readings will be different to those listed here as will Revd Liz’s sermon so we have included the Bishops sermon based on the readings that you have. We are pleased to say that Capel church will be decorated next weekend for Harvest and open for people to come and visit to see the new lighting, including socially distanced and covid restriction compliant teas! We have worked hard to be able to provide you with a safe waitress served tea. Please do come and join us if you feel able. We will have to restrict numbers so may ask you to wait if we are busy. The Harvest Festival service itself will be a cafe church at The Crown pub or if the weather is really bad in St John’s. All the details are listed on the weekly sheet. On a personal note I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who came to spring clean Capel church yesterday morning – I think you’ll see a difference tomorrow! This weeks… Read More

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weekly news sheet 27/09/2020

Dear all, There are compensations to these lower temperatures, the fire we have every evening in our log burner is so welcoming, but it was quite a shock when the temperatures plummeted overnight, particularly for our son-in-law who had just arrived from Dubai! I do hope you’ve still been managing to get out to enjoy the Autumn light, the leaves are starting to change, it’s a magical time of the year. The news maybe awful but nature is still bringing joy every day. This week’s photo is from our walk at Friday Street this morning. For those of you who have had children or grandchildren going to university in the last couple of weeks I have a special prayer kindly given to me by Suzanne Cole: A prayer for students going to college or university Lord, be with the Freshers of 2020. Guide them, fill them with hope and compassion and give them a thirst for learning. Though things might be different than planned, let each of them grow in faith, experience your call in their lives, and know that even in the uncertainty, you are with them. In Jesus’ name, Amen The weekly sheets and Revd Liz’s sermon are… Read More

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weekly news sheet 20/09/2020

Dear friends, What a lovely early Autumn day!  How lucky we have been in the last ten days to enjoy a real Indian Summer!  I’m sure all that will change when my family and I head off to Pembrokeshire next weekend!  We aren’t known for our luck with the weather for our UK holidays!  So enjoy it whilst you can! Attached are the documents for this Sunday. Enjoy the sunshine! Best wishes, Suzanne Sunday-20th-September_Fifteenth-after-Trinity.pdf SundayBlue_Sept20_3.pdf sermon-for-20th-Sept-2020.pdf Post expires at 8:43pm on Sunday September 19th, 2021

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weekly news sheet 13/09/2020

Post expires at 8:29am on Monday September 13th, 2021

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weekly news sheet 06/09/2020

Dear Friends, I hope this email finds you well and enjoying our cooler weather. Work has been continuing at both our churches, the lighting at St John’s is on target to be completed at the end of September, we are planning to have a grand unveiling with socially distanced teas on the weekend of 10/11 October. We will also be celebrating our Harvest Festival that weekend so the church will be beautifully decorated and our harvest festival service will be held on the 11th as a cafe church service at the Crown. More details are to come but please put the date in your diary. At St Margaret’s the new boiler work has nearly been completed, so it is hoped that we will be able to open for services on 20 September. Again, please look out for updates. For those who are still unable to join us on a Sunday I have been asked to tell you about two resources that you might be interested in. The first is a free dial in worship phone line set up by Justin Welby The Archbishop of Canterbury. Dial 800 804 8044 to be able to listen to hymns, reflections and prayers with… Read More

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weekly news sheet 30/08/2020

Dear friends, What a chilly bank holiday weekend!  A bit of a contrast to our heatwave just a couple of weeks’ ago!  I hope everyone enjoys the extra day on Bank Holiday Monday, and who knows, maybe the sun will show it’s face?! Attached are this week’s notice sheets, the readings and Rev Liz’s sermon for the Twelth Sunday after Trinity.  Please note that Ockley church boiler works will run into September and there will be no service on Sunday 6th September.  We will of course keep everyone updated on the works in both churches. Also whilst writing, can I advise you that the *September’s issue of InSpire (issue 42) will be in churches (church porch at Ockley) this afternoon* and has been uploaded to the website so it should be available to download in the next couple of days. Or you can of course subscribe to receive it monthly: www.capelandockleychurch.org.uk/subscribe/ This link can also be used to opt in to receive the weekly sheets in this way and our ‘Vicar’s Letter’. September’s InSpire has lots of interesting articles, including one from our parishioner Chris Cooper on his involvement with the Bluebell Railway from it’s inauguration 60 years ago –… Read More

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weekly news sheet 23/08/2020

Dear Friends This week we welcome Revd. Liz and Doug back from their holiday in Cornwall and the Sicily Isles. They tell me they missed most of the really hot weather as the sea breezes kept it cooler than here. The building work at both churches continues. There are plans afoot for us to have a celebratory Harvest Festival weekend in October to show off the new lighting scheme at Capel, we may even be able to manage some socially distanced church teas! Watch this space! This week’s photo is the view southwards from Abinger Roughs – we walked there this morning from Holmbury St Mary, we dodged the showers and had a wonderful time watching the Red Kites that are now so prolific here. Do continue to let us know if there is anything we can do for you if you are still self isolating or worried about coming into church. With love and prayers Debbie von Bergen debbievonbergen@icloud.com 07774 784008 Sermon-for-Sunday-23rd-August-2020.pdf weekly-sheet-20.08.23.pdf 23-August2020.pdf

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weekly news sheet 16/08/20

Dear All, IMPORTANT: Ockley Church is closed until the end of August, there are no services there for the next 3 Sundays. This is to allow the builders to finish the installation of the boiler and particularly the pews heaters. I’m sure we will all appreciate it when the winter comes. Please let anybody know who may not have access to a computer. Everyone is most welcome at Capel for the 10.30 service led by Graham Everness – Revd. Liz will be back from her holidays next week. Thank goodness the weather has broken, we may not have had much rain (unlike Dorking where I was caught in a real downpour), but at least it’s cooler. I have spent much of last week debating what plants I will grow in a particularly sunny and dry area of the garden as those that are currently there have found the last few summers rather difficult and I try not to water unless I really have to. Beth Chatto’s – ‘right plant right place’ came to mind, so I’m redesigning the area with Mediterranean plants, that should ensure that it will rain every summer from now on! The picture of the week is… Read More

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Weekly news sheet 09/08/2020 Ninth Sunday after Trinity

Dear friends, Attached are this week’s readings and news sheet.  Helen Burt has asked me to advise everyone that St Margaret’s is unsafe for a service this Sunday so there will be NO MATINS AT 9.30am.  There will be cafe church at Capel beginning at 10.30am with Bob Cranham in the The Crown pub with the option to have lunch afterwards. Also, for anyone who is interested, Bob Cranham and his BBC band will be playing at an event at The Dorking Brewery in Temple Lane, Capel today (Saturday 8th)  between 1pm and 4pm. Enjoy your weekend! Best wishes, Suzanne Sunday-9th-August_Ninth-after-Trinity.pdf SundayBlue_August2020_2.pdf Post expires at 11:22am on Sunday August 8th, 2021

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Weekly news sheet 02/08/2020 – Eighth Sunday after Trinity

Dear friends, Please find attached this Sunday’s readings sheet, Parish newsheet and Graham Everness’ sermon.  He has also kindly sent the service order too and I’ve attached that for anyone who is not currently attending church services. Enjoy your weekends and don’t forget copies of Inspire’s August edition are in both church porches so do help yourself to one when you’re next at church! Best wishes, Suzanne Capel-Ockley-2-August-2020.pdf Matthew-14-v13-21-newssheet.pdf Sunday-2nd-august-2020.pdf SundayBlue_August2020_1.pdf Post expires at 5:09pm on Monday August 2nd, 2021

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weekly news sheet 26/07/20

Dear all Attached are this week’s readings with the weekly news sheets and Revd. Liz’s sermon. The churches have been closed this week with the start of building work in both of them. I do hope you haven’t been too badly inconvenienced by this, the results should definitely be worth it! New lighting for Capel and a new boiler for Ockley. Both projects should finish in September. During the week the Diocese issued new guidelines on masks and are now strongly advising that face coverings should be worn in church. ‘….remembering that they are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer….’ We have altered our advice to reflect this. I look forward to seeing all those who can attend tomorrow (9.30am in Ockley or 10.30am in Capel), our thoughts and prayers are with those who are still self isolating, please do let us know if we can help in any way. This week’s picture was taken on Holmwood Hill – on a rather nicer day than today! With love Debbie von Bergen debbievonbergen@icloud.com 07774 784008 weekly-sheet-20.07.26.pdf SundayBlue20200726.pdf sermon-for-28th-June-2020-Trinity-3.pdf Post expires at 6:43am on Monday July 26th, 2021

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