Notes for Sunday 10 December 2023

Dear friends,

The picture today was chosen to whet your appetite for fairly traded chocolate. Most cocoa is produced in west Africa and generally the prices paid to farmers are so low that they can not afford to send their children to school and most young people are set to work from the age of 11 to boost the family income. The FairTrade logo ensures that fair prices are paid to the farmers so their families can work and educate their way out of poverty. Also please look out for the Fair Trade logo whenever you shop for coffee, sugar, spices etc.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to see me when I run the local stall: next time will be during teas in St John on 10 December.

I hope many of you will make it to Café church, Christingle or Teas and LOAF on this second Sunday of Advent.
God bless,

Dineke van den Bogerd

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