Running the race of your life

Revd Liz Richardson

Once again the parish came together as a community; this time to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D Day, and what a wonderful weekend of events it was. From assisting Brigadier Roger Hood for the lighting of the beacon on the recreation ground, I with everyone else enjoyed watching the wonderful Morris Dancers, a fabulous barbecue outside the pavilion and the hospitality of Capel Cricket Club and The Crown; it was a great start. Brigadier Roger helped us to imagine what it might have been like to have been one of those young soldiers at that time, waiting to cross the channel; I cannot imagine what that must have felt like…perhaps ignorance was bliss on that occasion as so soon they would be plunged into the brutalities of war. Our church bells rang as so many did all around the country earlier that evening as we gathered to remember those brave soldiers and airmen who landed or flew in Operation Overlord. There were many who sacrificed their lives for our future today and we will always remember them and thank them. I am confident that elsewhere in the magazine all the other wonderful events have been recorded so I will only say this – a huge thank you to the D Day Committee who once again put on a great selection of commemorative events – it was brilliant!

At church we have begun our wedding season and it is such a joy to celebrate with our couples their special day. Likewise we have some Christenings to enjoy this summer too! It is somewhat of a sporting fest in these next few weeks with the Euros (football) currently playing, Wimbledon (tennis) and the Paris Olympics beginning at the end of this month. Our Cafe Church in August with some other local churches will take place at the Okewood Hill Show ground and is on an Olympic theme where faith joins with sport in our lives being ‘A Marathon not a Sprint’. Please do read Bob Cranham’s article ‘Chariots of Fire’ for more information and the amazing story of Eric Liddell. We hope you enjoy reading the story of Eric Liddell ‘Running the race of your life’ which will have been delivered with your magazine this month!

It is always such a privilege to give help to those who need our churches at particular times in their lives, whether that is with a bereavement – there have been several sadnesses recently – or for the very joyful occasions of weddings and Christenings. Please do use our churches – they are always open for quiet prayer and reflection and provide something of a respite during times of need and also high summer temperatures outside! We look forward to seeing some of you at the Capel Military Show at the beginning of this month as we will be raising funds for our parish with our popular refreshment stall. In the meantime, keep running the ‘race of your life’ and hope we can all enjoy some summer weather this month.

With my love and prayers


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