Incredible sights

Revd Liz Richardson

June – a lovely month where we move from Spring into Summer and as I write this in the middle of May already some of my roses are blooming! A wonderful sight along with the burgeoning abundant green we enjoy in our villages.  Were you one of those who saw that other amazing sight the other night – that of the Northern Lights?! Sadly we seemed to be oblivious to it.  I think I thought we wouldn’t see it here in Capel. How wrong can you be!  I underestimated obviously and could only wonder in awe the next day when the photographs appeared on social media.
Incredible pictures taken from the streets all around us.  One of our family lives near Tolworth and they took a wonderful picture of the landmark Tolworth Tower as the backdrop to the Northern lights. Just imagine – instead of travelling to northernmost Iceland and Norway, with no guarantee of them appearing, you now can see them at Tolworth (!) Or Capel even!!  I jest of course.

Well I am waiting to see in the next few months whether we will see them again. Its a strange phenomenon though that our mobile phones pick up the colours of the light more clearly than the human eye.  It reminds me a bit of God’s Holy Spirit who of course we cannot see but yet is there all along guiding and helping us.

We have just celebrated Pentecost in church where the Holy Spirit was poured out on all the disciples and essentially is thought of as the birth of the church.  To give a quick resume, Jesus died on Good Friday on the cross, rose from the dead three days later, appeared to many in real and unreal ways until finally he left earth and ascended into heaven.  He promised that he would not leave his sorrowing disciples alone, that God the Father would send his Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth.  God the Holy Spirit is our advocate, comforter, counsellor, helper and is also like a ‘first responder’, ready to come alongside us when we are especially in need.  He or she is the third member of the Holy Trinity.  Confused?!  Well don’t be – just know God is always with you and has even gone before you preparing your way.  If you would like to know more then I am planning to run some sessions where you can explore what Christianity is all about.  Please email me on <> or telephone 01306 711260 for more details.

We are really looking forward to the special D-Day village celebrations and hope you may wish to remember D-Day at our Anniversary D-Day Café Church in the Crown Garden on Sunday 9th June at 10.30am. Do hope you will join us!  Let’s not underestimate the positive possibilities in life then as we remember the incredible achievements made by our forbears. Keep looking out for incredible sights whether seen or unseen by the human eye!

With all blessings, love and prayers


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