School’s out and so are the scarecrows!

Dear all

I am really enjoying spotting and generally being surprised by the different scarecrows which keep appearing in the village. How fun are they and how ingenious you scarecrow makers are! From the long green nose of what I presume is an upside down watering can to appearances between gaps in hedges to daring positions precariously scaling houses I am loving them! Scarecrows you see, throughout the village were before my time in Capel. So I have googled how to make a scarecrow and hopefully by the time you read this we will have one outside the vicarage as well. We also have a new addition to our vicarage in the shape of a new Labrador puppy called Ruby. Some of you will already know that Doug and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary recently – hence the puppy’s name – and this is our present to one another. We were very spoiled at both churches too with beautiful flowers, champagne at our PCC meeting and a fabulous card with our wedding photo on it (!) with a lovely Susie West print of the Isle of Wight where we spent our anniversary with our children and grandchildren which was lovely. Thank you everyone! Ruby herself is absolutely gorgeous, chocolate in colour and a lovely nature; mad on food so true to her Labrador heritage, and chewing everything in sight! I expect you will see us walking around with her and maybe we can enter her for the dog show at the Capel Show this month.

So the summer holidays are here, school’s out and the high temperatures continue. I cannot believe it is a year ago that building improvements begun at Scott Broadwood as a result of consolidating the school and it is really looking good and working well for our pupils. We look forward to welcoming our new children next month and do consider visiting the school if you are interested or know someone who might be, in joining our lovely school which serves our local villages.

I am looking forward to the 125th Capel Horticultural Show which celebrates its anniversary with the Ockley and Okewood Show this year. Happy Birthday to you both! Along with the very popular Car Show at Capel, these events are key and vital in our communities. We must spare a thought and give thanks for those working hard in this hot weather to ensure they all run as smoothly as ever. I’m looking forward to the film and picnic in the evening in the Capel marquee too.

Church wise, next month, beginning in September we are making a small alteration to the timing of the services at Ockley, bringing them back to their original start time of 9.30 instead of 9am which is seems is too early especially for families on a Sunday morning. This won’t affect services at Capel as they will stay the same. I am also planning to introduce a midweek communion service probably fortnightly at St Margaret’s Ockley. The good thing is that on the fourth Sunday of every month we will join forces and worship together at either Capel or Ockley. I think we may have found a system that will work well. Anyway, see next month and church notices for further details. This month stays the same timewise but due to holidays there may be a difference in where the services are held. Weather wise in our own churchyard, it seems the weather has taken its toll on the very large Oak tree behind the church. A massive branch has fallen and we will be fencing off this area until we are able to take action to thin the tree out so please do watch out if you are in this vicinity.

I do hope you can find some time to rest during this summer month and pray that those who are travelling or away stay safe in the sun and around water in these hot times. God actually commands us to rest as I reminded people this morning at church; Psalm 23 says that ‘the Lord makes me lie in green pastures’ so remember that next time you feel guilty putting your feet up! God speed whatever you are doing and watch out for the Reverend Aunt Sally!!

With all love and prayers