Ordinary Time?

Dear all

So once again we are fortunate to have fine weather for our vicarage fete tomorrow. As I write there is a wonderful array of gazeboes kindly lent and installed by many kind and very helpful people adorning our back garden. Lovely that we need them this year to keep the heat off us instead of the rain! I would like to thank everyone who has involved themselves with the fete, the organising team, the helpers who man the various stalls – a record number this year; those who prepare and serve the delicious teas and of course a huge thank you to those who have donated very generous raffle prizes. Hopefully we will raise lots of money for our schools. It is amazing how everyone together each playing their part creates something wonderful.

I have also very much enjoyed playing a very small part in the Ockley Dramatic Society’s 70th birthday celebrations this last month. Something I’ve never done before I have to say! I was persuaded to as they say in theatrical circles I believe; tread the boards, in what was fairly obviously a comic play. I was given a ‘cameo’ role (more theatrical speak) as one third of a singing trio called The Spangle Sisters. I played the drummer who was the mother of the other two members. Thankfully I only had 14 lines to learn – yes I counted them – unlike the many lines other cast members had to learn. I did have to know when to say them though! How I admire the other actors for their ability to learn them all. It was very good fun anyway being part of the production and actually very relaxing because it was something very different to what I normally do! It’s a constant surprise what you find you end up doing as a vicar!!

Well, generally it has felt this last month and looking forward throughout the summer that there is much to give thanks for and celebrate in both Capel and Ockley. Although in church speak we have entered what we call ‘Ordinary Time’ – a long period of time which is known as Trinity, it seems to be that now there is never an ordinary time in church life or in our communities. In fact this is as it should be because the real meaning of Ordinary Time is, the rubric tells us, to be a time to celebrate and reflect upon the reign of Christ in earth and heaven. So I hope you will join me in giving thanks for all the good things we encounter in our lives even though at times certain things come to an end and we find some days to be special but very poignant. Remember though that Christ came to bring us all through the storms as well as the brighter days in our lives for which we give thanks.

With my love and prayers