Notes for Sunday 31 March 2024

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you all have a wonderful time this weekend with a bit of sunshine albeit quite wet underfoot.

Next week, 7 April, we have several exciting things going on.

First and foremost it is the day of our Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Please make sure you attend this important event in our church diary when you can hear reports of what happened last year and plans for the current year.
One plan that has come to fruition already is the revival of the rota for coffee after Sunday service in St John. Mike and Jane will be biting the bullet next Sunday so please stay after the service to support them.
Last but not least we will be introducing our new collection taker: CollecTin as pictured. This is our new creditcard donations machine that we have purchased with help (and a grant!) from the central Church of England. By all means familiarise yourself and if you would like to test it out you are more than welcome!

Be careful in the next week as the change of clocks can result in people not concentrating as normal for several days.

God bless,

Dineke van den Bogerd

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