Sorrow turns to Joy. Hallelujah!

Revd Liz Richardson

So with March, the daffodils are blooming with many other blossoms to cheer us on our way to the first day of Spring falling this month. How wonderful it is to look forward to the earth warming up in our gardens and a return to the outdoors for many of us. This month at church we are in the throes of the season of Lent, enjoying our soup lunches in church at Capel and of course with Mothering Sunday also falling this month Capel Church Teas begin once again. Lent is another season in church life which is one of waiting in hope for God to meet us and sustain us through the storms and trials life brings. We are encouraged to draw close to our Lord and to each other as we journey through Lent, towards the Passion of Jesus, through to his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday.

We must not lose hope in these difficult times in the world. There is much strength to be gained through faith in Christ and I urge you to find time to reflect on the things that are most important to you and to have conversation with the God who promises he will be with us always to the end of the age.

This year we are once more raising money for the Bishop of Guildford’s Communities Fund Lent Appeal through our Wednesday Soup Lunches. Bishop Andrew’s Appeal will help those faced with the continuing impact of the cost of living crisis and the psychological scarring of the pandemic. It seems strange now doesn’t it that thankfully for most of us, the precautions that we all had to make in the pandemic are now mainly over. I recently did a talk in church which demonstrated the lengths we went to at that time and we measured out the two metre distance of separation we had to abide by. I cannot believe that is now five years since the pandemic began in the UK. Sadly of course Covid still is with us and can affect sometimes fatally the very vulnerable amongst us.

Holy Week begins near the end of this month with Palm Sunday, a Sunday when instead of a sermon we read one of the gospel accounts of the Passion. This year it will be Mark’s gospel. A moving service, this, as we celebrate at the beginning with our palms, Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Then the mood darkens as Jesus is arrested and so his passion begins. Maundy Thursday is another very poignant time when we commemorate the Last Supper and this year we are joining our friends at St Mary Magdalene, The Holmwood for this occasion. Good Friday with the church stripped back sees us spend time in reflection at the foot of the cross along with our combined choir singing Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater which reflects the sorrow of Jesus’ mother Mary. Sorrow turns to joy however, as death never has the final word and Jesus is risen from the grave. Hallelujah! He is risen indeed. I do hope you might come and join us through this somewhat stripped back but also rich season of worship, reflection, prayer and fellowship knowing that whatever happens God is a God of surprises. Join us and find out more!!
Happy Easter!
With all my love and prayers

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