weekly news sheet 9 May 2021

Dear Friends,

This email comes to you a little earlier than normal this week as I wanted to let you know about an adjustment to the Teas for Trees event which we are having on Saturday. As the weather forecast is not great for Saturday we have decided to extend the event to Sunday as well. So now, please do come and join us for tea and cake on either Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th outside Capel church 3-5pm. This event is to raise money for the Great Green Wall so all the money we raise will be given to TREEAID, who are helping to fund this very worthwhile project. What is more the government has promised to match all funds raised, so your donation will be doubled!

I attach the weekly sheets, readings and Bishop Jo’s sermon. For those who are joining us in church the services this week are:
9.30am Ockley Holy Communion
10.30am Capel Cafe Church at the Crown

Bishop Jo’s sermon can also be watched on YouTube here:

Photo of the week this week is from a lovely circular walk Betchworth church to Brockham church, that I walked this week in the spring sunshine

With love and prayers

Debbie von Bergen
07774 784008