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The Church continues to be alive and active, but our buildings are open for private prayer only.

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COVID-19 Briefing 08/09

Bishop Andrew shares his thought for the day on ‘As some are in the habit of doing’. Full transcript is available in the YouTube description. Critical Reading Changes in the Safeguarding Team  I would like to take this opportunity to announce the following changes within our Diocesan Safeguarding Team:   I am very pleased to announce that Jane Huttly has been appointed as Safeguarding Manager with immediate effect.  Jane’s new remit will include the leadership of the Safeguarding Team, in addition to continuing to lead  on safeguarding policy and training for the Diocese of Guildford. We are currently recruiting for a Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor and we are pleased that Ian Berry has kindly agreed to continue in this role on an interim basis, pending the appointment of a successor, in addition to his role as DSA for the Diocese of Portsmouth. Ian will be the primary safeguarding contact for our parishes in the immediate future.  For all safeguarding queries or issues, please contact Ian in the first instance on 07544 566850.  As previously announced, Linda Hayward will be retiring from her role of DBS Manager in early October.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Linda… Read More

COVID-19 Briefing 01/09

Preachers sometimes claim that Jesus spoke more on money and giving than anything else apart from the Kingdom of God. I have never checked it, but there is no doubt he talked about money a great deal. I sometimes wonder what would happen if we preached as much about money as Jesus did! Why did he speak about it so much? The fundamental answer is that our attitude to money, and what we do with it is a discipleship issue.    As a vicar, people told me that money follows vision, but it worried me that when we only followed that way of thinking, we were neglecting the deeper ‘why’. As followers of Jesus, we give to God as an act of worship, and in so doing, we topple the idol of mammon and replace it with God Almighty, the King of Kings. When we do this, we become more like the people God has designed us to be. We become freer! As we teach, encourage and invite people to give, we are leading them into greener pastures and being faithful pastors. I am excited about Transforming Generosity (and always get excited about gift days) for the opportunity it gives us.… Read More

COVID-19 Briefing 25/08

After so many months of lockdown, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated a holiday quite as much as the 10 days we’ve just enjoyed as a family. It was a precious gift to visit elderly parents in Pembrokeshire for the first time this year – and to swim in the beautifully warm Cleddau estuary! And I realised how much I needed the rest. Just before going away, I failed to show up for a meeting that I’d organised, sent a blank card to a colleague (having put the wrong card into the envelope), and made a regrettable mistake with an email. Such mistakes helped me extend compassion towards the restaurant where we enjoyed some family time last week. After a long wait to be served, the staff got the orders completely mixed up and we ended up, after a very staggered meal, with starters being served after the main course. The poor manager explained that, whilst they appreciated the government’s help through the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme, they weren’t prepared for the volume of custom and that they were under-staffed, over-tired and struggling to cope with such a very different regime. So many people I’ve chatted to in… Read More

COVID-19 Briefing 11/08

Church of England Digital Labs conference An online conference for anyone involved in church digital communications: Learn the latest skills and strategy for your church. Join us as we talk about topics such as livestreaming, mix mode services, online engagement, and insights. Plus, network with churches, speakers, and experts in our first online conference taking place this October. Is this for me? Are you a clergyperson, ordinand, reader, church leader, youth worker, social media manager, PCC member, graphic designer, video editor, livestream producer, A Church Near You editor, or perhaps someone who is just getting started? This conference is for you! At Digital Labs, you’ll learn how to use online communication tools to build engagement, create accessible online services, reach into your local community, and engage new people. Whether you are a church already livestreaming and using social media, or whether you are just getting started – attend Digital labs and be inspired for your next step. When: Friday, 23 – Saturday, 24 October 2020 Where: online Tickets: from Friday, 4 September Sign up to our mailing list here to be notified when tickets are available. How can I participate in the conference? Once you are signed up, you will receive an email from… Read More

COVID-19 Briefing 04/08

Between posts last autumn, our new DDO Craig Holmes ran an ultra-marathon. I remember googling ‘Grand to Grand Ultra’ to learn more about him (and it). I couldn’t quite believe what I read amidst pictures of rocky outcrops and campsites in the desert: ‘Challenge yourself to an experience unlike any other. Running from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the summit of the Grand Staircase you will discover new strengths and lifelong friends, running in the remotest part of America. Grand to Grand has become a legendary feat of endurance. Are you up for it?’  You can ask Craig for yourself how it went. He survived, though I don’t think even he understands quite how, in some parts. One element was utterly key: the comfort and joy of being in it with others. Of not being alone. Back in April I recall Bishop Andrew urging us in lockdown to prepare for a marathon not a sprint. Now in August, it seems to be turning into an ultra-marathon. The end point continues to recede and the dangers of exhaustion and discouragement increase. From the Local Ministry Programme to confirmation classes, from baptisms to ordinations, from homegroups to almost every parish worship service… Read More

COVID-19 Briefing 28/07

It was good to be reminded of the Lord calling the boy Samuel a few days ago as we immerse ourselves in this part of the Old Testament in Morning Prayer.  It is a story that I remember vividly from childhood and has always impacted me greatly.  It also struck me what a tough first gig it was for Samuel to have to speak words of judgement directly to Eli the priest.  Surely God could have warmed this new prophet up slowly, couldn’t he?  But no, Samuel was thrown in at the deep end.  Samuel’s short prayer, ‘Here I am’ is a beautiful yet simple prayer of humble submission to God. As I have reflected again on that reading, I have been reminded of other times when this prayer has been on the lips of other faithful disciples.  Moses, as he is drawn towards the burning bush responds to God’s call with ‘Here I am’.  Likewise, Isaiah, prays that prayer as he reacts to an awesome and probably quite frightening vision of the holiness and majesty of God.  And then there is the simple humble prayer of a young teenager as she responds to the mighty work of God in… Read More

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