Notes for Sunday 19 February 2023

Dear friends,

Spring has sprung and I hope you have noticed it too: more birdsong and stand-offs in the garden over territories, budding trees and the first daffs and crocusses.

With Lent around the corner your church is getting active once again after winter too.

* ‘Living life in love and faith’ is the title of the Lent course that is starting in the last week of February. Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoons so hopefully one of those times will suit most of you. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow by listening to God and each other. Today’s picture illustrates!
* We will have soup lunches on most Saturdays in Lent in support of the Bishop of Guildford’s Lent Appeal. This year 50% of donations will go to the Earthquake appeal and the other half will be donated for relief in our own country, where the cost-of-living crisis is as pressing as ever. Great opportunities to get together and donate to these deserving causes. Joy will be coordinating soups and would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to offer.

Details of both Lent activities are in attached notes.

Further on the Earthquake appeal: three people have already volunteered to shake buckets in Dorking later this week. If you have some time Thursday, Friday or Saturday, please let me know and I will pass your details on the organisers.

Lastly, a last minute change hasn’t made it into the notes: next week there will be communion service in St John instead of Morning Worship. As always, the website info is correct!

God bless,


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