notes for Sunday 5 February 2023

Dear friends,

Having heard about this comet that passes our way every 50,000 years or so, Dik and I went to the coast last Tuesday evening to see if we could spot it. The sky became clearer closer to the coast and we had good hope. What neither of us had registered was that some articles mentioned that this celestial object could only be spotted with difficulty with binoculars (which we brought) before sunset when the moon wasn’t interfering. Ah well …. Hope some of you were better prepared. It’s humbling though to think that the last time this comet came close was when Neanderthal people walked the earth. Who knows what this comet will find next time it comes this way.

We are in for another cold spell. The picture this week is of my car windscreen in the previous cold spell. The cab is a bit leaky and the moisture had frozen against the inside of the glass. Double scraping joy!

God bless,


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