Weekly news sheet for Sunday 9 January 2022

Dear friends,

Welcome to this week’s weekly sheets email on a rather miserable Saturday. None of us are at our best in this grey dark weather, we would all much rather have the bright cold sunshine of earlier in the week, but still it is January, a time for contemplation and indoor jobs. My job this week is to work on the church accounts ready for our first Standing Committee meeting on Monday. I quite enjoy it once a get going (I know, I need to get out more!), but I can procrastinate a lot before I start. In the end a deadline always spurs me on.

For those who haven’t been involved with how the church is run, we have a main committee called the Parochial Church Council (PCC for short) which meets 6 times a year and a Standing Committee which consists of the vicar, churchwardens, treasurers and 2 others from the PCC which meets on the months that the PCC doesn’t meet. It’s these two committees that oversee the running of the church. Once a year we have an Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) to which everyone on the church electoral roll is invited. This normally happens in late March or April. It is at this meeting that the accounts are discussed and hopefully formally passed! Anyone can ask questions about them and once they are passed they are a public document and filed with the Charities Commission.

I’m sure many of you know this already, in fact many of you have served on the PCC over the years, and I was grateful to everyone who helped me when I first started as I had never been involved with church finances before. I have so enjoyed being part of the decision making body of our local church, it’s given me a much deeper insight into all the work the vicar and church wardens do.

Onto this week’s services, tomorrow we have the following:
9.30am. Holy Communion CW at Ockley
10.30am Cafe Church at Capel
The Cafe Church at Capel will look slightly different this month. We will still be serving coffee and croissants, but these will be brought to your seat in a pew, so that we socially distance as much as possible. Please do remember to wear your masks at all times apart from when you are eating/drinking.

Incidentally you will be pleased to hear that both our church services that were recorded over the Christmas period had more than 100 views. If you would like to see them do go to the link below:

Last week I wrote about our bible groups that meet both weekly and monthly, this week I’d like to mention our prayer group that meets on Friday afternoons at 5pm in Capel Church. It’s a lovely way to start the weekend in the peace and quiet of the church, we say the daily prayers and pray for those who are in need. Do come if you would like to join us, we are there every Friday for about 30 minutes. Alternatively, do let us know if you would like a prayer said on your behalf for yourself or those you know.

Lastly, the photo of the week was taken on Holmbury hill on a very cold icy morning with the sun streaming down – a delight for all the senses!

With love and prayers

Debbie von Bergen
07774 784008


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