Weekly news sheet 7 November 2021

Dear Friends,

I hope you have found time to enjoy a little of the wonderful Autumn sunshine we have seen over the last few days. I spent a lovely morning yesterday walking with a friend around Westhumble where she lives, the views were spectacular.

It was a welcome contrast to earlier in the week when I was drafted in to look after my littlest grandchild who has developed chicken pox and couldn’t go to nursery – granny to the rescue! Luckily, she wasn’t particularly ill, just spotty. I normally look after her one day a week anyway, but I did have to get more creative as I had her for longer than normal. At 12 months old and just walking she is a bit of a disaster zone unless watched very carefully – I’m sure most of you remember those days. Her favourite activity was piling all our cushions up into a tower so she could throw herself on them, she found it hilarious and of course has no fear……

It was wonderful to be able to worship together last week, thank you Rev Liz for such a lovely service and again for a beautiful service in the afternoon for the bereaved. Suzanne Cole has asked me to pass on her thanks to everyone who bought Traidcraft after the morning service. She and Stuart took £96. A percentage of everything that is sold comes to the church as a donation, so far this year we have raised £100 for our churches in this way and that’s when we have been closed for part of the year, so thank you for supporting such a good cause. Suzanne says that moving forward they will try to do a Traidcraft stall once a month. I’ll let you know when the next one is.

This week we have the following services:
9.30am Matins, Ockley
10.30am Family Communion, Capel

There are also church teas this Sunday at Capel from 3-5. So far this year the church teas in Capel have raised more than £780 as well as over £320 for Treeaid. An enormous thank you to Joy and her team for all the hardwork they put in to make these afternoons such a success. Please do come and join us for tea and cake tomorrow.

The Christmas Fair is now just two weeks away, Suzanne and I would like to say thank you for all your contributions to the raffle so far, we are still collecting prizes so if you have anything you would like to give, please just pop it in the hamper in Capel church. Emails are about to go out to all our wonderful volunteers, if you haven’t yet offered but would like to be involved just reply to this email. Finally, please do come on the day, we’ve selected some lovely stalls and you get a free cup of coffee or tea with your entrance. If you are nervous of being in crowded places, may I suggest that you come between 3 and 4 when we are likely to be quieter.

This week’s picture of the week is the lovely valley of Westhumble looking glorious yesterday and a bonus photo kindly sent to me by Mike and Jane Reeves of the ‘Belties’ – Belted Galloways which are on Ranmore presently, owned I think by Paula and Laurence Matthews who farm sustainably locally.

With love and prayers

Debbie von Bergen
07774 784008


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