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Liz’s Letter

It may only be in rural or semi rural churches that the bride to be arrives in full wedding regalia astride her horse. This delightful event was the first of our ‘wedding type’ services in Capel this year. I say ‘wedding type’ as it was a service of blessing for a couple who are to be married abroad later this year. Our beautiful bride rode her horse who was resplendent in bridal rosettes woven into her mane from the Village Hall to the Lych Gate, swiftly dismounting to change her shoes, adjust her dress and off she strode to join her fiancee, family and friends waiting for her inside church. It was a very special occasion and one which we were pleased to be able to do for a local family who celebrated afterwards with a fabulous reception back at the village hall. Meanwhile over at St Margarets in Ockley we had our first proper wedding of the year. Not having officiated at a wedding since 2019 it was another great way of getting back into the wedding season so to speak. This was rather a special day as the bride and groom were two of our Ockley bellringers. In fact the groom had proposed to the bride during bell ringing practice with champagne waiting round the pillar! On the happy day the bride and groom wore 1940’s vintage clothes, arriving this time not by horse but in a vintage MG and greeted awaiting friends and family in the churchyard before the service. The groom even found time to ring the bells before he took his marriage vows! We still cannot sing inside in church but this didn’t stop the music as two amazing musicians Jon and Magda played ‘Pelagia’s song’ on the mandolin as the bride and groom strode down the aisle! As numbers were still restricted for receptions at that point, instead we all enjoyed champagne and cake outside church afterwards. My favourite food!!

It just goes to show that despite restrictions and complications celebrations can still take place and can be used to provide an experience that we might not otherwise have had! Both services, the Service of Blessing at Capel and the Wedding at Ockley had to be resourceful, flexible, and simple. Both occasions (I think) were free of some of the stress that surrounds the culture of micro managed celebrations where if something goes wrong, which it inevitably can, it can appear a disaster. I’m sure we have all been there in one form or another! The other thing of course is that we have to be as flexible as church, as much as we can within certain legalities of course! You can be assured that your village churches try their very best to help with pastoral services and other occasions as much as we can. This of course applies to the funeral services we are privileged to assist with in Capel and Ockley and sadly in the last few weeks we have had to say farewell to some well known local friends this time in Capel. Once again restrictions have meant flexibility but with some very talented family members we have witnessed some very beautiful musical moments amidst the amazing courage and inspiration of those who are grieving. It is incredible how everything comes together and in my view is such authentic worship to present to God. Although if you read the poem below you will find that he is very gracious! With authenticity and simplicity in mind then, here is the beautiful poem which I first heard read at our June Cafe Church. It describes the true simplicity of praying to our Maker and I hope you find it useful.
With my love and prayers as ever

Just talk to me

Don’t be afraid if you don’t understand
Don’t fear you won’t do it right
Don’t worry about performing
Just talk to me

Don’t need to wait until you’re hopeless
Don’t need a special voice you keep reserved just for me
Don’t even have to close your eyes
Just talk to me

Don’t worry that you don’t love me enough
Don’t need to do anything special
Don’t pretend you’re someone or something that you’re not
Just talk to me

Don’t try to be impressive
Don’t think about your image
Don’t need to be self-conscious
Just talk to me

Don’t think it has to make sense
Don’t feel the need to use complete sentences
Don’t feel the need to use words at all
Just talk to me

Don’t pretend to be happy if you are not
Don’t be overwhelmed if you feel hopeless
Don’t worry if I’ll do what you ask
Just talk to me

Don’t worry if you’re pleasing me
Don’t think you have to have all the answers
Don’t try to feel anything different at all
Just talk to me

Don’t bother about the rules
Don’t bother about whether there are any
Don’t pursue anything by which to measure yourself
Just talk to me

Don’t try to impress me
Don’t try to hide anything
Don’t concern yourself about whether you’re wasting my time with trivialities
Just talk to me

Don’t think anything is too insignificant to bring up
Don’t worry if you cry
Don’t worry if you don’t
Just talk to me

Don’t be afraid
Don’t be unnatural
Don’t be anything you don’t want to be
Just talk to me

Don’t hesitate to shout if you feel like it
Don’t hesitate to rant
Don’t pretend
Just talk to me

Don’t forget to laugh with me
Don’t forget that I’m the one who started all this
Don’t be surprised if I talk back
Just talk to me

Don’t forget to listen
Don’t forget I care more than you can possibly imagine
Don’t worry about the silence
Just talk to me
Just talk to me
Just talk to me
Written by God

Hannah Salter on her horse Esme

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