weekly news sheet 13/09/2020

Dear friends,

Please find attached the weekly newsheet for Sunday 13th September,
together with the readings and Bishop Jo’s sermon for this Sunday.
There is cafe church this Sunday at The Crown in Capel at 10.30am  and
it’s forecast to be nice weather which is ideal for being outside!

Great news! The lighting in St John’s in Capel was completed this week
and the church is once more open for private prayer every day and of
course services on Sundays.  Work continues to go well on the heating in
St Margaret’s, Ockley and you can see a more detailed note from Rev Liz
on the back page of the notice sheet.

Any contributions you may have for the October issue of InSpire would be
most welcome and don’t have to be church related so if you feel
inspired, don’t let me hold you back with the creativity!

Best wishes to you all for the coming week.


Suzanne Cole 07923 517202

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or alternatively let us know if there is someone who would like to be
added.  We will never share your details with other organisations./


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