Back to work!

Dear all
So here we are again – another September, another start of an academic year and a return to cooler temperatures. For those of you who remember my last month’s letter my family baked in 42 degrees at Disneyland Paris and thankfully there were hoses cooling people down – myself included! Even Mickey Mouse had to go home early due to the heat and the Disney Parade was cancelled. Imagine being in one of those furry costumes? Thankfully the following day was cooler and my granddaughter got to meet Mickey Mouse and the parade was back on. Despite the heat we did enjoy ourselves – honest!

Now it’s back to work, refreshed after nearly three weeks away and one of the first jobs I have been doing is sorting out my filing cabinets. After eight years of ministry here it’s time for a good sort out and de-clutter. I am sure I shall feel far more organised when I have finished. Speaking of organisation, we are busy organising some interesting and exciting events for you all to enjoy this month. I have written before about the amazing things you can achieve as a team and last month and this month are no exception. The Capel Show was a wonderful day wasn’t it, the weather just about held off and I am sure you will read much about it in this issue. You may have enjoyed visiting the Churches Burger Stall, which following on from the record breaking, incredible organisation of Sally Wyborn and her team in previous years, we have been thrilled and very grateful to take on as a Church fundraiser. I would like to say a huge thank you to Dineke van der Bogerd and her team for their planning and organisation so that we were able to continue Sally’s smooth operation on the Barbeque! Thank you too to the Cricket Club for allowing us to use part of their premises on the day and I am sure many were thankful to be able to have a sit down in our seated area this year.

Well this month, we are in the throes of rehearsing for the next Murder Mystery Supper Play. You may recall we have done a couple of these before and having had a year off we are back!! This year the play is called ‘Barbeques are Murder’. There must be a pun here somewhere with the previous paragraph (!) Anyway, there are the usual suspects and village characters, and of course a baddie. The Box Office is now open and you have a chance to see it at Ockley Village Hall on Friday October 4th or at Capel Village Hall on Saturday October 5th. Both performances begin at 7.30pm but do arrive earlier to get drinks etc. The play will follow the usual format with breaks for supper and desserts between acts. The plays are part of our Harvest celebrations and you will see that each church has their own Harvest festival service to which you are invited to bring produce as usual.

Finally we have another new venture in the shape of a Youth Café. This is an exciting new initiative for our parish which is to be based in the Ockley Cricket Pavilion every Tuesday for all youngsters aged 11-16. It begins on the 2nd September and is a café solely for the young people and we hope it will be a comfortable place to relax after school. It will be open from 4.30 – 6.30pm. They can stay for as little or as long as they like within these hours! Hot and cold drinks will be available as will simple snacks like toast and cakes. It is a donations type café so if someone comes without money they needn’t worry – they can still have something to keep them going. If you would like more information do contact Gill Christie on 01306 711917.

So have a good September, remember all the good habits like relaxing and enjoying time off (note to self here) and I hope to see many of you out and about at these and many other village and parish events this Autumn.

With my love and prayers
Revd Liz

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