Transforming Lent 2019 – Day thirty-seven

Lamentations 3.40: ‘Let us test and examine our ways, and return to the Lord’.

Over recent years, Lent has become for me an intentional time of reflection, repentance, and rejuvenation. Reflection helps me focus on where I spend the majority of my daytime, which is the workplace. Repentance empowers me to recognise my sin of accepting ‘business as usual’, leaving  behind my growing dependence on electronic devices and the distractions of social media. And rejuvenation for me comes from trying out new Lenten behaviours, such as these:

• Actively praying before I enter the workplace, offering to God all that is going on in the office that day, asking that colleagues would show grace towards each other and that we would work hard and support each other. This has really helped me to accept that things out of my control in the workplace are in God’s hands.

• Leaving my mobile phone in the car at the start of the day. In those moments at my desk or the staff canteen when I would normally reach into my pocket and look at my phone, I have instead found myself alone with my thoughts and with God.